The Future of Aesthetic Record Keeping is Here…

Are you still using paper records in your Aesthetic clinics?

  • How do you securely manage your before and after photographs of clients?
  • Have you an insurance ratified past medical history and consent form?
  • Can your patients pre-register for your clinics?
  • Is your existing record system designed by Aesthetic Clinicians for Aesthetic Clinicians?

Why not join the increasing number of Aesthetic Clinicians worldwide that are using Flourish’s secure cloud based software to manage their aesthetic records and photographs. Flourish is the best way to manage cosmetic clinic records. Our easy to use App will help you keep track of your patients from your iPad, mobile or laptop. We’ll keep your records safe and secure so you always have an off-site backup. Patients can sign consent forms right on the touch screen. Practitioners can take before and after photos and even draw annotations on them.

As featured in Aesthetics Journal in October 2016.


Flourish have teamed up with Dermal Revolution to offer an incredible discount on combined subscriptions. With a monthly package of just 2 x 1ml Dermal Revolution (DEEP) Filler you can add the Flourish Cosmetics Record App with up to 50 Consultations (Injectables) for just £1 a month.

Using the app